Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Into an Unknown Future

I propose to do something once I'm dead (That is suspending the belief that I could actually DO anything when I'm deceased) that I hope will propel my "entity" into immortality. Once I pass away from life, I choose to be cremated and my urn jettisoned into space. And this is essentially where my legacy ends and a new one begins. Who's to know what could become of me or how long my "journey" will last?

Perhaps, I eventually get absorbed into a star or my urn shatters on the surface of an asteroid and my ashes spread to all ends of the Universe. Better yet, maybe my urn is intercepted thousands or millions of years later by an advanced alien species and they reconstruct me. Through those actions, I could basically obtain immortality. And who knows? Maybe my image is then worshipped as a God of some sort.

I'm sure I have better chances of my ashes just disintegrating amongst the chaos that is the Universe, but it's better than just staying on Earth.


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