Sunday, March 22, 2009

Caution Wins

Nearly every situation, good or bad, has a logical cause. It takes an attuned person to see this cause and its effects, but a lot of it is really common sense. People complain of bad luck, but I believe a lot of this "luck" is due to not paying attention. Perhaps people aren't cautious enough, which I don't understand. How can one not be cautious when going through life? Do they not care about living or dying? This baffles me. When I listen to news about how someone died, for the most part I think to myself "That could have been easily avoided. Why didn't they?"

I get the feeling that people simply lack common sense. What a sad thing for natural selection to forget.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Things that Night is Made of

I hate nightmares...the poisonous frog that attempts to commit suicide by forcing itself down my throat, the invisible leprechaun that throws knives at me, the assassin that unleashes skin-borrowing worms that carry tiny explosives. How is it that my mind comes up with things like this? Shouldn't it be sleeping instead of creating horrors?

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Broken Free

I'm broken again, but I also persevered. This was one of those days that changes your life, whether the outcome is good or bad. For me, I'm not sure yet...all I know is that I was prepared for the worse and faced it with no fear. There are still some after-effects.

Has anyone noticed that nearly all of my blogs are written at night? I guess the dark inspires me. Hopefully, that's not a bad thing.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Language of Nature

Here I'm watching the flicker of this tiny flame. The way it moves, I wonder if it's trying to communicate with me like with some type of Morse Code or Sign Language. Wouldn't it be interesting if the flame actually was sending me a message? I think my first thought would be not that the messages are from God, but rather from some advanced computer software a la The Matrix or highly intellectual beings (perhaps from the future) that are watching us...studying us. What would it/they do if they found out that I knew? Hmmm...I should write a movie.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Moment of Truth

So once again I find myself
Thrust into a circle of fire -
The idea of how to admire
When victory comes easily.

Even when it shouldn't...

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Anti Math

My reasoning for why I don't believe the Universe or Reality-as-we-know-it happened by "chance"...

If you take a deck of playing cards (52 cards) and shuffle them so that the order of the cards are as random as possible, I propose that it would be impossible for the order of the cards to appear as Ace through 2 of spades, Ace through 2 of hearts, Ace through 2 of clubs, and finally Ace through 2 of diamonds. This is because the final product of a shuffled deck of cards would be devoid of a large amount of order, otherwise the deck wasn't really shuffled in the first place.

Now, math people will say "Statistically speaking, there WOULD be a remote chance that the shuffled deck would appear perfectly in order". But this is merely a hypothesis. I challenge anyone to take a deck of cards, shuffle it, and have the order of the cards to be perfectly ordered. It's never been done, and never will be.

I point out this analogy, because some people believe that it's possible the Universe just popped into existence due to some tiny statistical possibility that on the quantum level, particles simply phased into existence out of nothing. I just can't buy into that thinking. It's more logical to assume that the Universe was created by an entity (God). I know! What a cop out! But if the Universe didn't just happen out of pure chance, it had to have been created. And the act of creating has to involve a creator. Whether this creator is God or some form of a collective, it stands to reason that the Universe and all the complexities of life and physics were created.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Dagger For My Heart

A soldier jumped on top of a grenade that was tossed at his squad. Sacrifice. His flesh and bones were ripped apart in a gruesome manner. A fountain of blood and body parts flew up into the air and rained down on each member of his squad, like some sort of strange baptism. A baptism because the soldier saved everyone in his squad.

Sacrifice. I think it to be a noble cause and almost always the right move. But I wonder if everyone decided to sacrifice something to make the world a better place...I wonder if it would ironically turn the world into a hell hole. If everyone is sacrificing, nothing would get done. We'd all be fighting each other to be the one to jump on the grenade, and in the end would destroy everyone.

So in the big picture, is sacrifice good or bad?