Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Entropy is the magic cure-all. It is something that I've discovered today, but I also noticed a problem. It takes a long time, almost too long. But it is effective. Many people mistaken Time for Entropy. Time is merely the effect just like vision is the effect of photons interacting with your eye.

I don't doubt there are certain people that can't manage the Entropy of their emotions. When something bad happens, they can't let Entropy kill it. The emotion maintains its power at the same level as when the event happened. Imagine being able to relive your worst memory exactly as it happened.

Most people, when reliving a memory, don't feel the exact emotions anymore. The longer the event from the present time, the less emotional effect it has. Entropy has slowly eaten the emotions. The longer Entropy has to feast on the emotions, the less painful it is to relive them...or the less enjoyable.


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