Sunday, April 06, 2008

Listening Deeply

Once, a way less traveled seemed like too much trouble. All I desired is acceptance and love. But what is acceptance? Is it that I fear I cannot be significant without it? It took me a while to understand that the way less traveled is far more satisfying. But it is not without its dangers. I've battled. I've cried. I've survived. And even though at every corner a part of me dies, it is a part that I have no use for anymore. Strength has taken its place, along with more challenges.

Oh but the dark haunts me still...even more than ever, for it grows as I do. It is constantly there to remind me the consequences of failure is death...death of my spirit. For I can think of no worse hell than to be alive yet dead to the world.

Learn all you can! There is good in bad and there is bad in good. You must decipher the code to learn the secret of life. Eventually, you'll see there is no good, no bad, no right, and no wrong...only light. Don't give up. I love you.


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