Sunday, April 29, 2007

Sometimes I Stumble, Often I Recover

She hears me whisper from a world away
About roses and a line I cannot say.
She is choosing her words carefully,
How cute...

Deep inside, I am a little nervous though,
Because this is everything I know
About the fickle love that I show.
How ugly...

But how do I change if that's all I got?
It's me to accept like it or not.
Oh, she's listening - I forgot.
How cute...

Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Big Idea

I imagine the beginning of the Universe as such:

For an infinite amount of Time, it was Oblivion - the most complete nothingness. The early Universe was a singularity, an object so infinitesimal that it simultaneously exists and doesn't exist. According to popular thought, it is a place where Time and Space and the laws of physics completely break down. There's no need to ask what happened before the singularity existed, because it defies Time and Space. It simply has always existed.

The only thing that this early Universe contains is a single thought, the only thing that can "fit" inside a singularity due to its nature to defy Time and Space as the singularity does. This single thought is the mind of God. Since Time and Space still do not exist, God has an infinite amount of "time" to create Himself by first creating His mind. His single thought becomes two, then four, then eight, and so forth until His mind is eventually a collection of centillions upon centillions of thoughts. It's during this that God will have become too much for the singularity to hold.

And so God conjures up the laws of physics. The early Universe explodes in expansion as the creation of Time and Space instantly destroy the singularity. The known Universe is born, and everything within...the individual particles, the oceans and rocks of Earth, life, all a part of God's mind. We are all tied to God and His thoughts. God does not have a physical body, but He is everything and everywhere.

We all live in a reality created by thought - thoughts that created the rules of the Universe and all its physical (and non-physical) matter. It's hard for most of us to understand, but then again, imagine you had an infinite amount of "time" to make thoughts into physical objects. You'd eventually be able to do it and create an entire Universe.