Wednesday, November 16, 2005

How I Found Enlightenment

This is one of those stories where you're not sure where it's heading until the final thought, when it all of a sudden makes sense. I had found out that a co-worker of mine just recently lost her dog (lost as in the dog died), and it made me remember the pain of when my dog died. And so my day went...occassionally closing my eyes and picturing me playing with my dog. It's been two months since I put my dog to sleep, and I still miss her.

As I was driving back home tonight, driving on a dark back road, my headlights caught a furry creature on the side of the road - a tan colored dog laying in that familiar "road kill" position. My heart ripped in half as I drove by the dog. Its tail was wagging, but the rest of its body looked frozen. It was dark, and I didn't see any blood nor could I tell if the dog's body was mangled. But my mind instantly came to the conclusion that the dog got hit by a vehicle and a muscle spasm was causing its tail to wag.

I muttered "awww" but didn't stop the car. I kept driving, slowly getting more and more angry at the cirumstance. Why does God allow such atrocities? And then I start thinking. Most of the atrocities of the world are man's fault. We are a terrible, horrible creature. We kill, ruin, and destroy God's work. I'm certainly no exception.

There's nothing I can do. I can't stop terrible things from happening to defenseless animals. But I'm so compassionate that I'm willing to make the ultimate sacrifice as a plea to God. And it's one that I wonder if anyone else could do. Assuming you believe in a Heaven and Hell, would you sacrifice your soul and purposely accept eternal life in Hell just so that creatures on Earth no longer have to suffer? I doubt God would allow it, for I'm sure it would "ruin" his plan for life, the universe, and everything.

And so this is why the dog on the side of the road exists. Through its pain and suffering, it taught me something about life. A successful life is about sacrifice.


Blogger Irina said...

I wonder about that myself. I think maybe God is in over his head and that's why shit happens. That's why wonderful people go out and kill themselves, why wars are committed, why people abuse themselves and others, and why puppies end up on the side of the road. Then again, maybe God is just the good stuff in life.

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