Friday, December 30, 2005

The Cycle of God

Thought provocation is a weakness of mine - like an addiction. My favorite kind is taking something simple and making it devilishly complex, full of secrets and details - the kind of thing that sparks imagination and inspiration. And so I reflect on one such incident.

I found the setting of this story to be quite appropriate if not suspiciously coincidental - inside the main foyer of church. I fail to remember exactly how everything evolved to be, but here's the "punch line" if you will:

Man created God.

Weird, I know. But then it wouldn't be effective thought provocation otherwise. Haven't you ever wondered how God came to be? At least with Jesus, we're told that it was an immaculate conception. But there's nothing on how God came to be. That is until I tackled the concept.

First of all, Man created God by thinking Him into existence. This, of course, means that God didn't just exist which goes against what most people think. But for me, I just can't accept the idea that God always existed. There's no...romance in it. God is an all powerful being. To say that he always just existed is a slap in the face to his power.

Anyways, back to how Man created God. As you may or may not know, ancient man needed explanations for the many unexplained aspects of life (movement of the sun in the sky, death, weather, etc), and so "gods" were the explanations. And eventually, these "gods" would, in a sense, become God. And so God was created - formed from the questions of man's thoughts.

Now, there is little problem to this theory. According to the Bible, God created Man, so God has to exist first before Man can think our Lord into being. Ah, a noble problem, but one that I have an answer to! You see, after Man created God, God went back into time to create Man so that He could be created. A paradoxical circle, but I know that if I were God, it's the way I'd have wanted it.


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