Monday, February 20, 2006

Help Me, I'm Stuck

And I can't sleep. There's a low hum in my ear. Perhaps it's the static of stillness. Just like looking into pitch darkness, I can see millions of tiny dots. I can see nothingness. A void of some sort...but I can detect its static. I just can't catch a break. I'd very much like some Karma. I'm really curious, and frustrated by the lack of answers. But I know deep down, I fear the answers. They will ruin me, but yet I still want them. I feel like Dr. Faustus, but I shall not sell my soul for the things I desire. As they say, Knowledge is worthless unless you know that you know nothing.

I nearly had a moment this afternoon. It made me lonely, and static isn't the best of company. Emotion is like the wind - you can only see its effects. I think God is the same way. Maybe he's the static in the nothing. I'd like to know. I think there's something wrong with creativity. I meddle in it like one would the dark arts.

My head is bleeding because I keep picking at it. Help me, I'm stuck!


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